the birth of Willa

"I had a vision of my birth as being calm, full of love, absent of fear, intervention/medication free and most of all one that brought my little Willa Autumn into the world gently and calmly so as to ease her transition from womb to earth. 

I started Amy's HypnoBirthing course at 32 weeks, and with it brought so much wisdom, realisation and knowledge about the body; its innate intelligence, its ability to know what to do, and most importantly how to trust it and work with it, not against it. 

In a world that constantly negatively prepares you, Amy is a breath of fresh air and positively prepares you for the best act the human body will ever make. She empowers, educates and teaches invaluable tools that not only help within the birth room, but in life. I promise that even skeptical partners will be blown away by the results, even if that skepticism creeps up all the way to the beginning of labor itself. It will dissipate as you watch your woman tap into her deepest, most innate power - bringing in new life.

I have a gorgeous, healthy, calm, alert and content baby and I put much of that credit to my preparation with HypnoBirthing and Amy's phenomenal support during the birth as our Doula in shining armour. Because of Amy our birth story is a beautiful one. One that both my partner and I look back on with pride, proudness, awe and absolute love. 

Amy set up our birth room like it was home; dim lighting, candles, oil burners, birthing music and other significant details that were important to us. She knew our birth plan, she was our spokes person, she held space and she was a constant, gentle reminder of our invaluable birthing tools, relaxation exercises and positions to move us through the stages. Having Amy at the birth allowed us both to enjoy and be there wholeheartedly with each other, and to be alert witnesses in our birthing as mother and father. 

We still listen to our birth playlist and the meditations everyday and we frequently play the song Willa was born to (Amy remembered the song, which was so special!). These tracks instantly settle her - a reminder that what goes on in the womb does not stay in the womb! So working on mindset and ability to relax and settle in to your body and power is paramount for a happy you and baby.

Amy, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You helped us achieve an empowered and beautiful birth and you will forever be woven into our hearts for helping us bring Willa into the world in the most divine, supportive way. We were honoured to have you at our birth, and it was a blessing that we found you" - Olivia, Benny and Willa


the birth of arlo
"I was interested in learning about Hypnobirthing as a way to bring something of our own into our hospital-birth setting. Although we made the choice to have an Obstetrician deliver our baby, I wanted to learn whatever I could to help with a calm, confident and empowered labour! By doing Amy's course, it gave Alan & I a special "language" we could use to talk about the birth. Much of the pregnancy journey is focused on the woman carrying the baby so I found it wonderful to have an opportunity for Alan to be involved in learning more about what lay ahead - which in turn gave him some great tools when it came to the delivery and meant he could really help maintain the calm environment I was striving to achieve. Amy was the BEST person to deliver such beautiful, sensitive and interesting material. Her sense of compassion teamed with her evident passion for birthing made for such a positive course. I still keep my hypnobirthing affirmation cards next to my bed as I want to hang onto the memories of that season of life forever. Thank you, Amy xxx" - Sarah


the birth of alfie

"For those of you who are unsure of whether to take the leap into the hypnobirthing world - jump with two feet and just do it! I stumbled upon Amy's earthbound babies accidentally on Facebook and feel so grateful that our paths crossed. As a second time mum, what I loved about the course was Amy's warm & open approach to what "hypnobirthing" is and how it can look and feel different for every person. I was not pursuing a certain type of birth but I just wanted to approach labour in the most positive mindset possible and free of fear. This second time around, I laboured for a long time in the comfort of home and once in hospital had an unmedicated birth within 2 hours of arrival. Amy was a key part of this and her positivity is absolutely infectious! This is a course for all types - home births, hospitals, obstetricians, epidurals, caesareans, water births, unmedicated - there is no one size fits all. It is all about the love!" - jo 


the birth of emmi

"An incredibly empowering class! Luke and I are so glad we chose to pursue hypnobirthing rather than a conventional birthing class. The information surrounding the natural labour and birthing process and the tools and techniques taught by Amy have already proven useful in the mental preparation as well as becoming better in tune with our pregnancy. We’re so excited to implement it all in just a few weeks time!

By attending classes over 5 weeks as opposed to one, long session, we were able to digest information, practice relaxation and breathing techniques and bring with us any concerns or questions to the following class. Amy is an excellent teacher – a natural and so positive and passionate in her delivery, with the experience behind her to ensure we felt at ease and confident with what was being taught. Although hypnobirthing is tailored more so to those leaning towards a natural birth, I honestly think the content of the classes would be beneficial for all expectant parents regardless of what your intentions and preferences are for your birth" - Julia 


the birth of aubrey

"We wanted to have our daughter, Aubrey, in a private hospital but wanted to ensure we could still maintain a calm and non-medicated birth. Amy’s class was such a beautiful way to learn how to achieve this and also understand the power of the female body and the power of the mind. The relaxation and breathing techniques we learnt were invaluable throughout my pregnancy, labour, and the past 8 months of parenthood! I was able to labour at home until I was ready to head into hospital and by the time I arrived I was 7cm dilated. We had a natural, non-medicated birth and Aubrey was brought into the world in such a calm and happy surrounding. We can’t thank Amy enough for the hypnobirthing world she has introduced us to. We’ve been sharing our positive birth story to anyone who will listen, and we’ve recommended hypnobirthing to lots of our pregnant friends hoping others can have the beautiful experience that we did" - Dahna


the birth of sunny

"Thank you Amy! Not only did the relaxation techniques and breathing help me during my pregnancy and birth, the education she gave me meant I gained the confidence to discuss my options with the doctors and ensure I had my preferences understood. At my first birth in hospital, I was not very informed and didn't know what I could challenge or say no to, this time I was more empowered and able to have less medical intervention so the experience was better for all of us, and we had a healthy, happy baby girl. With Amy's help I also managed to let go of the fear I carried from my first birth and make the experience more enjoyable this time. I'd recommend anyone, whether home birth, hospital, natural birth or planned c section, to try hypnobirthing with Amy, her passion and experience will ensure a more positive, calm and enjoyable pregnancy and birth" - ZOe


the birth of Isla

"Midway through my pregnancy, I took Amy's Hypnobirthing course. I had been so intrigued following her teaching journey as it transpired & then through social media and was determined to use hypnobirthing as part of my own plan. Stripping back the birthing process to the way in which our muscles, body and mind are designed to work in harmony together to achieve the miracle of birth and the breathing & positional methods in which to help, made such a positive difference in the way in which I understood & felt towards birth. I would highly recommend Hypnobirthing again and again. Thank you so much Amy X" - Olivia