HypnoBirthing Courses and Birth Doula Support - Byron Bay Hinterlands

awaken your innate

birthing power

with amy osmanhodzic from earthbound babies


it’s no secret that a woman’s body and baby already know what to do to birth. a woman already has an innate birthing power within her – all she needs to do is awaken it.

that is where i come in.

through education and support, i am helping women go into their birthing experience feeling confident and empowered and with their mind and body in complete harmony.

every woman deserves to have a positive birth experience. this may mean different things to different women and that is why I truely believe that no matter which way a woman chooses to birth, her choice should always be respected without judgment or negative opinions. 

your birth experience will stick with you for life and that is why I aim to make it one that you want to remember.  Whether it’s through one of my HypnoBirthing courses or by having me as your Birth Doula, I want you to realise that birth can be beautiful, it can be empowering and it can be the best thing you ever do in your life.

Come meet with me and let me teach you a range of tools and techniques to help you have a calm, comfortable and beautiful birth experience.