HypnoBirthing Courses and Birth Doula Support - Byron Bay Hinterlands

frequently asked questions

When should I start my hypnobirthing course?

you can begin hypnobirthing at any time although I recommend that the best time to start your course is between 18 and 30 weeks. when you commence the course earlier in your pregnancy, this will give you more time to practice all the tools and techniques that I teach you. However, it is never too late to start the course. if you are further along than 36 weeks, we can arrange for the course to be taught in a way that ensures that you complete all classes before you go into labour.

does my partner come along to the classes too?

absolutely! the Hypnobirthing course is definitely designed for partners to attend. your birth companion will play a vital role in your labour and birth so a hypnobirthing course will teach them the techniques and tools they need to assist you during this time. I am yet to meet a partner who has not enjoyed the course!

will I be 'out of it' when hypnobirthing?

no you definitely will not be. hypnobirthing will teach you to go in and out of hypnosis whenever you choose. At all times you will be aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you. there may be times when you choose not to be aware and that is completely normal. this will be a time where you may decide to focus entirely on what you and your baby are doing. you will still know what's going on around you but may just choose not to pay attention to it.

do not let the thought of hypnosis scare you. hypnobirthing is simply a way of bringing yourself into a deep state of relaxation so that your body can do what it needs to do to bring your baby earthside.

can I be planning a hospital birth and still do Hypnobirthing?

you certainly can. Hypnobirthing is not designed simply for those having homebirths. my Hypnobirthing courses are extremely beneficial for those planning a hospital birth as we go into great detail as to your birthing rights and what you need to ask and do to prevent unnecessary medical intervention being forced upon you.

I have had a traumatic birth in the past, should I do hypnobirthing?

yes! even more of a reason to do so. a Hypnobirthing course will help you release the fears that you hold surrounding that birth. releasing fear is extremely important when it comes to birthing because when a mother approaches labour with unresolved fear and stress, her body is already in defence mode. Her body is sent into the 'fight, flight or freeze' response and as such, her uterus is prevented from functioning as nature intended. this in turn leads to tension and this tension leads to pain. In my Hypnobirthing courses, you will learn to regain the trust in your body and see that birth is something to be treasured rather than feared.

will my birth be pain-free with hypnobirthing?

I do not promise that your birth will be pain-free but I firmly believe that comfortable birthing is a possibility for almost all of the birthing mothers who complete the course. mothers who are calm, relaxed and free of fear usually birth in a shorter period of time and much more comfortably. Hypnobirthing mothers may still experience sensations of tightening or pressure but most describe their birth experience as working with their body through these sensations therefore avoiding the excruciating pain that is frequently spoken of by other women.

I'm worried that I might be disappointed if my birth doesn't go to plan...

one of the key affirmations in Hypnobirthing is "I am prepared to meet whatever turn my birthing takes". a Hypnobirthing course gives you and your birthing partner the tools needed to remain calm, positive and in control. You will learn to evaluate all the options given to you and to make an informed decision at every step of your pregnancy and birth experience. having this knowledge allows you to feel safe, calm and empowered throughout your birth, regardless of how your baby decides to arrive earthside. please note though, I will always be available after your birth if you feel you need to debrief your experience. just talking to someone will help you release any overwhelming feelings you may have.

how do I talk to my care-provider about hypnobirthing?

in my classes I walk you through a detailed birth preferences plan and encourage you to fill it out and discuss it to your care provider. having birth preferences in place enables you to have a very clear conversation about what you are hoping to achieve on your birthing day. this discussion will make sure that you and your care provider are on the same page when it comes to your birth wishes (which is something that, in my opinion, is one of the most important things you need to have in place before you go into your birthing day).

is Hypnobirthing just used during the labour and birth?

Hypnobirthing techniques can also be used throughout the pregnancy to help you remain calm. this has a wonderful domino effect because when mama is calm, happy and content - so is her baby. Hypnobirthing techniques can also be used after the baby is born too. both mums and dads can continue to use their relaxation techniques to help them remain focused and calm in stressful situations.